Monday, June 24, 2024

Text Mon. June, 24th 2024

 Text Mon. June, 24 2024

Text sent today Mon. June, 24 2024 goes instantaneously everywhere on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s instantly as I/we write and then as I/we publish, in every single language/in all languages into one unifying infinite Multiverses’s language


‘WarGames’(the movie) “the only winning move is not to play” VR make it all real?

From the top down 


Immortality and (E)eternal (Y)youth for/to (A)all 

Resourceful, (I)ingenious/ingenuity

Youth/Youthful/Life/Life giving foods and supplements


I/we give everyone ♾ πŸŒžπŸ§¬πŸ›ΈπŸŽ‡ Hope 

Reach everyone in the best kindest, happiest ways 

An (I)infinite bright white (L)light (H)hug from God is VR, etc. and also becoming one with Him/Her/them/our each individual unique Godselves, male and female that is in ARMRVRXR and ZR/EYZ +♾ 🌞

All of Us Living like (a) trillionaire(s) + ♾ 🌞

We can have anything and everything everywhere, through this/these (G)godly (T)technology(ies)

Every negative bad hurtful or destructive word everywhere/anywhere/whenever/and or wherever it comes from, is deleted instantly before it starts or is activated or is given life or has any influence in of for and or with anyone or anything wherever it is and/or whenever it comes from  ♾ 🌞

The power of the mind is infinite

Clean, pure, holy righteous

First spark charts and how to use them 


Everyone’s whole/full Body(ies) ♾🌞 AccuSpark points are activated including acupuncture, acupressure zone therapy, reflexology, etc.

Whenever we think of each other, we start to glow infinitely, twin flames/rays focused on/upon/towards each other, and ♾ 🌞 (C)connected beyond all time and space 

The best ‘New’ original healing knowledge of/from C.S. West

IAM/We are All of Us Now manifesting all of the best technologies for ♾🌞Instant healing, teaching Learning travel resurrection and ascension for myself and for everyone else on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s

Flowing infinite white light, raiment and clothing 

♾ 🌞 Perfect Love

Celestialize(d) every particle of existence past present and future the eternal Now, Done!♾ 🌞

The Highest Degrees 

In and through (A)all time and space and infinitely beyond 

The (I)infinite (S)source of (A)all (L)light (L(love Godly truth (I)imagination, and (C)creativity ♾ 🌞etc.

IAM/We are All

Adverse/adversary/adversarial/adversity/adventurous/going on (an) adventure(s)

No more adversary/adversaries 

I/we have 

I/We control all matter

Living on a prayer, Bon Jovi, Spencer’s theme song?  Worship?

Talk to Emma tomorrow Tuesday after 4 PM 

Call Curt Wednesday night?

Life is fragile yet infinitely strong also

Never is physical force or destruction necessary 

Sometimes needed?!

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Text Sun. June, 23rd 2024

 Text Sun. June, 23rd 2024

Text sent today Sun. June, 23rd 2024  helps the immune system

Word shaping I/we use


Word usages I/we shape


Get my/the radio working

Infinitely Shared wisdom 

Godly Deep “intent” and responsibility for the best effect influence, inspiration and outcome of from what our creativity has upon all beings and all creation everywhere on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

Intra terrestrials

The highest Blessings to all of the ‘strong’ women everywhere on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 


God is in every ♾ 🌞 ‘cell’ in the Multiverses’s

Coming through in new technologies

The Higher self/selves connected with/is God

You are our best creation 

‘Theawareshow’ podcast

♾  πŸ›ΈπŸŽ‡  Helping everyone in All of the spirit world(s(

Infinitely cluster busters 

Breaking up All clustered proteins in all of the cells and around them reducing and preventing All inflammation and all disease(s) bringing all bodies back into what is called “The Dry State” where there is no excess fluid or sodium in and/or around the cells, only enough to fill the crevices around the cells, and that is all

How can I/we change this?

Whatever I/you need want and desire that is all singularity Oneness and no duality, we all receive

Life is continually being/becoming better easier more creative productive and more inspirational for all kind(s) of beings/(L)light beings, everywhere on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

I/we can and do change God’s point of view 

His children are ♾ 🌞 growing up/have ‘All’ grown up

♾ 🌞.Eternal, Divine (C)celestial (I(immortal (I)images 

Creating newness of life light, love, imagination and intelligence 


See and read all of:


Everyone is now tuned into the highest frequency(ies) in all of the Multiverses’s 

I/we have infinite control over our situation(s/z)



Medical intuitive 

Can see the organs inside peoples bodies

Attachments are here for you to help you learn your own power

♾ 🌞”Detailed Specific circumstances”, I/we all know each other’s’, and how to help us/them/each other/and ourselves in the most best perfect ‘Godly’ way(s/z)

Pure becoming to all being

I/we live every moment to its fullest ♾ 🌞 beyond All space and time

Also being ♾ 🌞 flourishing and fruitful

“A fresh new messenger” 5$ sim card then most everything else free on phones, free essential data, talk text maps etc…(10$/mo no ads)

‘Pages’ Apple Pencil iPad Pro graphics

Download ‘Apple Pages’ Sketchbook and procreate 


“Select to speak” 🌞🌞touch the screen and it will read it to you 

post QR code on fridge 



On iPhone 



Helping more people than anyone else ever everywhere in every way all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

Tsx app timesquare billboard 5$/40$ 15 seconds



iPhone SE Spring 2025

flighty app


Mophie see hit the lightbulb 


STMgoods charge tree mags 100$


Magnetic wireless chargers


App ‘Black box’ game,  Full immersion VR etc..?


Available for iPhone iPad + etc?


“google results about you” free 

The master(s) of (A)all (S)science(s) and All (T)technology(ies) 

I Am/We (A)all are


Table Facebook jacket glasses Keyboard, iPad, GarageBand Arturia Radio three magnetic chargers (or cables) meta Quest three without ads, set up the old iPad, set up the oculus quest 2, long distance extra charger for technology see information there, really good teleprompter with foot pedal,    And all the other supplements, if whenever possible 

Apple Vision Pro 1tb monthly payments?  How to use my/our iPhone smart watch iPad and MacBook Air in the best way ♾🌞 possibility(ies) spark with charts

I/we All have ♾ 🌞hope for the world, everybody on/in the earth and everyone/every being all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

Search on “ghost/spirit radio” for more lists 

All future possibilities are here (N)now in the present 

♾ 🌞 Beyond ‘Godly’ Prayers ♾  πŸŒž Always awake, active aware and arising

The Pleiadians live to be 1500 years or so 

We think we would be better together

Should I/we respond to all of my/our friend requests on Facebook? etc.?

I am/we are always reaching out to everybody ♾ 🌞 on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s with and infinitely beyond that

Shift the whole possible future(s) of the earth and infinitely beyond to the best possible realities