Monday, July 15, 2024

Text Mon. July, 15th 2024

 Text Mon. July, 15th 2024

Text sent today Mon. July, 15th 2024

Extremely clean and great smelling always, I am/we are 

Pre Paired

Free ‘the’ Dummies 

Free ‘the’ dumb 




♾ 🌞 Freedom to (L)love (F)freedom to (L)live Freedom to be (T)true to (O)our Godself(selves)/(C)christself(selves) and (H)humanself(selves)

Be the (G)godly sounds

♾ 🌞 (D)deep (W)words 


Funny face 

I/you have a

The brain is mostly made up out of cholesterol


“Express yourself don’t repress yourself”


I am/we are preparing the world for your return?

This time in all your glory 

Make the best of what we have got and Infinitely more  ♾ 🌞

Truman Madsen 

Hugh Nibley 

Ezra Taft Benson 

Reed Benson 

Hugh Woodford 

All of my/our bishops and priesthood leaders throughout the years 

♾ 🌞 (L)life, (L)light, and (L)love on the TONGUE 

Go in the (C)correct Infinite Eternally Highest “Godly” One (D)direction(s/z) (A)always 

“However, familiar” good ‘important’ words

A new infinitely higher channel for my/our creativity 

More than words 

Night …(band)

David Jacobs and?  uFOs? Etc.







Changes in the ways to live, many people 

“Initiated me/us to a new perspective”

“The intellectual gorilla”

An owl

“I am/we are a great fan of allusions”



“Always an answer?”

“The most simple we don’t have the basis to understanding the solution?



“Crowded House”   564 episodes

New episodes each week

This is fun getting philosophical here

If you can’t trust yourself, then who can you trust? 

“Your five senses can be deceived”

Can you get out of my/our way, I’m/we’re trying to have an experience here?

“Moving numbers math”


Ai/VR ‘Godly intelligence’

Multi Limb user musician

Make (A)audio for YouTube etc…online of all of the best of

With the best of Ai?+/Real/Virtual/(G)godly +


The ‘little’ blue boy

Change the password to one of my echo dot

‘Alexa’ smart speakers

Gloria Estefan “the Miami sound machine”

“The rhythm is gonna get ya”

It’s true 

Inspirational light 





duolingo app

♾♾♾ engagement and interactivity 


Send text of to Elon Musk next time when he sends me/us a Facebook message

Share bands with everyone

Ask Steve, ‘Can I/we’ Leave them on all the time? ♾ 🌞

Is it hard/can we put them on all by myself/ourselves

Be the ♾ 🌞 (P)prayer 

I Am/We are 

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Text Sun. July, 14th 2024

 Text Sun. July, 14th 2024

Text sent today Sun. July, 14th 2024

I/we can’t escape it, I am/we are extremely joyful and happy always smiling forever and ever eternally

Finally, it’s final we don’t need technology for us to be together?!

You are all of my/our (technology and) reasons

Complex formulas/(E)equations of (L)love


All of the sciences mathematics ‘Godly’ truth imagination and technologies on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s are just (an) infinitely small particle(s) in/of my/our bodies?! ♾ 🌞

Sub nuclear particles 

I am/we are all infinite light, life, love, and truth 

I/we yearn to be with you 

Back to back 

The (R)real (G)godly inspirational healing, (T)truth

Physique physical physics   psyche 

You’re the only cure

“I am not against science Doctor, I’m against the men who Deify it at the expense of human truth”(Contact)

I/we whisper in everyone’s ear (L)love (Life  and Infinite (L)light for (A)all

I am/we are just starting our journey 

Go in my/our individual (L)light body(ies) vehicle(s) where I/we need to go and want to go to, now and forever eternally (E)everywhere Instantly anywhere ♾ on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s ♾ 🌞

secondary phone number

“blindshell” google this

Google ‘results about you’ for free 

Dark web report

Protect yourself 

Not being scammed 

Brad in my/our imagination with a small dust ‘hurricane’? around the bottom of his legs


Rich Communication Services

Between Apple and android, finally 

Text, photos and videos high quality 

God Intelligence 


‘Oko’ search for in the app store 

For Vision Impaired, crossing streets safely etc…?


‘Solace’ hotspot, international?

♾ 🌞 Sub atomic sub nuclear particle(s)

I/we can (also) tap into All/(A)any (I)intelligence ‘instantly’ anywhere on/in the Earth and anywhere all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

Airalo SIM card    free sim data plan

‘Translate’ Apple Watch 11

Math notes in your handwriting, complex equations 

Learns your handwriting cleans it up

Vision OS2. ‘Apple Vision Pro’. Headset


First party Apple Apps, replaces many others, see ‘shownotes’?

Ai Apple intelligence

Custom emoji’s


How to renew passport online???No?!

KVM switch etc… one mouse and one  keyboard for multiple monitors?  See


Monitor 27’ dual 

32’ for gaming 



Led mini




Ultra wide 

49’ ultra wide 

Swivel adjustment 


‘nothing’ earbuds, android 

nothing ear A

Portable charger


ChatGPT images, voice back and forth 

   learns pdf info, writing, ‘playing’?, sources, google where info  book report, discover, history 

Bing  co pilot 

     Wall Street journal 

Chipollo. AirTags?




♾♾♾🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 free weekly report

Lexus nexus. Everything on ‘you’ etc?



magnify anything/whatever I/we want/need to at and anything/everything infinitely beyond  ♾ 🌞


Ask Moroni how he activated his Light body?

Inspired for/with anything I/we want/need to watch or listen to and/or when, with the/my/our best priorities, most effective way(s), and/or possibllities or even read etc..

Prevent ♾ 🌞   ad blocking 



(i)Infinite and (E)eternal 

I’m/we’re happy, not sad