Saturday, April 20, 2024

Text Sat. Apr, 20th 2024

Text Sat. Apr, 20th 2024

Text sent today Sat. Apr, 20th 2024

“Keep those ‘free laws?’ coming, ‘fantastic’”

I/we reach everyone in/on the Earth and all throughout all the Multiverses’s on a personal level with all of the best of, Past present and future, the eternal (N)now

With E tomorrow, buy new two kinds of scrubbers, turn the volume back on on my/our smart watch

Password on my ♾Meta Quest 3

Two factor authentication 


Fix iPad 

VLC  etc.? or another free media player that works well

Type in the search bar above “spirit radio”

For a longer list ‘Monday, April 15, 2024’

Can my/our blogspot be separated into three categories? For children young people and older people? Or should we just leave it as it is, for everyone?  Like we have been trying to do since the beginning

Check out the ‘rubber ear auger’ google this for myself/ourselves, Ron Beach and everybody else, they/it would clean out the ears, from earwax, etc… ‘Maybe’? so no one needs/would need (a) hearing aid(s) anymore 

Holy Spirit(s/z)♾🌞🎡


Men’s Fluorescent leather pants?

Rubber air auger (s)


Star Galaxy Multiverses’s 

Fiber optic cable? One line of AI especially made for

All of my/our 60,000,000,000,000+ cells in my/our body(ies) are praying to my/our pineal gland(s)?!♾🌞🎢🎡 and each cell being the (I)infinite (L)light in/of the Multiverses’s 

I/we love Dan Aykroyd, he’s so cool

 Ohm a

I/we all follow all of the (G)godly Laws of the Multiverses’s

♾🌞🎡Light Words

The (I)infinite reality of Light Love and God’s Truth

Advertised on $99 hundred hours of battery life, unlimited audio recording

Should I/we apply for the Venmo credit card? 

Friday, April 19, 2024

Text Fri. Apr, 19th 2024

 Text Fri. Apr, 19th 2024

Text sent today Fri. Apr, 19th 2024

The laws of God ‘Trump?’ the laws of nature 

The laws of God are the laws of nature 

The laws of nature are the laws of God 

“nature is a strict disciplinarian”(C.S. West)

My/our words take on a ‘better’ life of their own

They’ve got their own power, they have ‘a’ power of their own

They are (I)infinitely (S)strong 

We are all working together 

An infinite residue of my/our energies are upon all beings 

Watch and listen to the movies/music and VRZR of my/our Godself/selves

Locked into the frequencies, the highest frequency(ies) of/in/‘on?’ the Multiverses’s 

The musical I was/we we’re in called “once upon a mattress” in March 1985, is my/our favorite movie/show, it’s always in the background now whatever I am/we are watching and doing, the only difference is my/our girl plays the princess

Infinitely activate and animate all of my/our best words at for everyone everywhere

White stylish jacket

Bomber jackets, $49 $60 Brando biker white leather jackets, $160 $179 

White leather pants Amazon 


A whale with lipstick/make up on,  behind the boat said, ‘I kissed your wife’, it said ‘I am your wife’ to the man at the back of the boat 

A Flash of colored lights in my/our mind, eyes with my/our eyes closed

SheSquatchers YouTube Channel

 The Journey Radio

Chapi/Chapito, the neighbors’ tiny dog’s name

Eternal constant steady immortal HEALING prayer(s) for everyone ♾🌞 

Multiverses’s jacket and shorts?!

“Fluorescent neon men’s leather pants”?

All of the food in my/our home is really good to eat/is good for me/us, I/we can eat any of it, that’s the goal forever?

‘My’ Technology is working better and better and better and better

I/we had a dream about Tim Strong

And a ‘long?’ dream about Airida

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Text Thurs. Apr, 18th 2024

Text Thurs. Apr, 18 2024

Text sent today Thurs. Apr, 18th 2024

Everyone has their own unique individual divine imprint overlay perfect vortex hologram of Infinite Godly Light (a) Perfect Template, we align ourselves with it

Daisies and lilies

The importance of connective tissue in our bodies

IHeartRadio’s coasttocoastam paranormal podcast network 

How good a movie is is how it affects people in the long run, the long haul, the infinite distance in the future

Back around to healing, all of us are

Back in/to the (I)light I am/we are

Infinitely Everyone that I/we have affected and inspired in any and/or every way, they are infinitely protected from All the darkness and negative energy everywhere it is infinitely far away from them and can not touch them, ever on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

I/we don’t take/have the possibility of falling/the ability to nor/or the will or the desire to fall ‘down’?  

Gold dust

Materialize/dematerialize matter/(L)light

All weapons have disappeared, including …s


IR&D infinitely very huge 5D + printers, R)replicators and (D)duplicators

Especially for flying saucers of all kinds, and motherships an infinite amount of All these for everyone on/in the earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

Tesla technology free energy for everyone see especially the end part of the video explaining ‘how to make your own’ at

All harmful technology(ies) is/are now invisible/gone?!🌞♾

‘KK gravitons’ search on

They know all of the entry points

Unlimited joy and happiness in my/our body(ies) ♾🌞🎢🎡

We are all The ♾🌞🎢🎡 (I)infinite (L)light and Love in/on the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s


Godly where America goes to Hire

Use my/our likeness, Everyone can, for acting all the best of


Microscopic Infinite small and larger, healing and perfecting of my/our physical bodies from my/our Godself and Christself

Retrieve all of my/our past writings from NSA if needed sometime?  Or in and from ‘The Cloud’🌞♾ or the Akashic records

“Fulfill the measure of your/my creation”

My/our voice speaks from and with all of the (I)infinite levels of all of the (G)godly (S)spectrums of (P)perfect Light all at once

♾ 🌞🎡🎢Focused?! 

Everyone on/in the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s is speaking out loud all of the best of and (C)creating

Music, Art, Design, Architecture ♾🌞🎢🎡etc.. of

All revelations all dancing 

Deep Infinite (G)godly clarification for ♾🌞🎡🎢 Everyone

Bryant, Stephanie, and/or Jeff will call me/us, and go with me, when/while Cheridy is gone till the end part of May

A lot of other people are from another planet called Earsoft

Individual and collective (I)infinite Light

Waves of 

All of in and with infinite, divine (G)godly healing knowledge 

Celestial truth(s)

No one has weaknesses anymore, only (I)infinite Godly strengths 

Every word I/we write is infinitely valuable to me/us

More and more and more and more 


I/we treasure every moment with my/our friends, everyone is my/our friend(s)🌞♾🎢🎡

We are all trying to be the best people we can

The master(s) healer(s) on/in from and through the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s 

I (A)am/we All are

Of ourselves and everybody else

Let all of my/‘our’ best healing ‘teaching’ most inspirational ‘Godly’ ♾🌞🎢🎡 written words take over at

All beings in/on the Earth and all throughout all of the Multiverses’s know how to heal themselves, and they do so